The Evening Parade: Preserving the Tradition
Marine Barracks 8th and I

Marine Barracks in Washington DC is the home of the Evening Parade and is the first post for the United States Marine Corp. The barracks' lacation was selected by President Thomas Jefferson who thought it necessary to select a location that would be near enough to the Naval Yard while still remaining close enough to the capital for an easy march. President Jefferson was accompanied by Lieutenant Colonel Commandant Burrows, and to this date the Marine Barracks in Washington has been the residence of every Commandant since 1806.

The Marine Corps Band has called Marine Barracks in Washington DC its home since the barracks' establishment in 1801. The band eventually picked up the title of the "President's Own" because of the tradition that was established when the Marine Band first played for President John Adams at the White House. Marines involved with the Marine Corps Band at Marine Barracks are the best in the Corps and a notable among the list is John Philip Sousa. At the time he directed the Marine Corps Band, he wrote many of the marches that we hear today and the marches that are unmistakeably Marine.

The Marine Barracks is full of American heritage yet even today, Marines stationed at the barracks faithfully serve the country in different ways. The Marine Corps elite band members are stationed at the barracks and perform parades such as the Evening Parade at Marine Barracks and the Sunset Parade at the National Marine Corps War Memorial. Other Marines at the barracks are responsible for special ceremonies, light infantry training and Presidential support duty. Some Camp David Marines can call the Marine Barracks home as well as many Marines who serve at the United States Naval Academy.

Also located at the Marine Barracks is the Marine Corps Institute which serves as a distance education center which holds responsibility in all nonresident education programs for the Marine Corps.

The Barracks serves as the parade grounds for the Evening Parade. If you are planning to attend the parade, be sure to visit the Marine Corps Barracks at 8th and I for a chance to learn more about a history steeped in American Military Heritage.

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The Evening Parade
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